How To Show Up on Instagram as an Expert When You're Not One

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Today I wanted to share with you one mindset block that is stopping people from showing up on Instagram and start making money with it!  

If you have been signed up on my email list, there’s one thing that I emphasise a lot. That is, when you’re starting a brand new Instagram account, you want to find a niche you’re truly passionate about and share your knowledge on your feed, stories and IGTV. I emphasise this because the way to stand out from a crowd of Instagrammers and to find your target audience is to be known for that one thing.  

But the other day I got a DM on Insta.  

“How do I show up on Instagram in my niche when I’m not even an expert?”  

So valid.  

A lot of us want to wait till we’re “qualified”. This “qualified” level is a certain standard or KPI we have given ourselves or is seen in society’s eyes as being the “expert”. For example, if you are into fitness, have you ever told yourself, Okay I’ll start posting on Instagram only after I have lost (insert insane number)kg and have ab lines like other fitness models? Or if you’re into nutrition, do you tell yourself, I need to take the 6 months certification Nutritional course first before I can share online about what I know?  

Before I started Instagram marketing as a niche, I was seriously suffering from major imposter syndrome. I asked myself, who am I to teach anyone about Instagram, I don’t have that many followers! Or there are days when I’m stuck with creating content! Instagram gurus don’t experience such problems….  

I did it anyway. Why?  

Because I knew not everyone was crazy about their 9-5 full time job. I also knew these people weren’t ready to leave their full time jobs. Just like me, when I was working in pharmacy previously I was struggling to find fulfilment and joy in my work. But I managed to find it on Instagram. With just a phone in my pocket, I managed to build my own personal brand whilst on my lunch breaks and (BONUS!) made money! This was what got me really passionate about Instagram marketing and I hope to share with other women what I’ve learnt so they can feel fulfilled and empowered regardless of their job situation.  

If you really care about something or have a passion you want to share with others and maybe one day monetise from, then start sharing it. Maybe you want to increase the market for cruelty free organic beauty problems, or maybe you want to help women gain self-confidence… whatever it is, it isn’t too crowded on Instagram. There can be more than one person in your field.  

Don’t focus on being the expert. Let yourself be a contributor. And yes, the world does need another voice. In the same field that many others are in. Because you are YOU. Your voice, your story and your journey is different from another person in the same field. Your style and your story may speak to one person, but not another, making enough room for everyone to shine in their own way.  

You don’t have to know everything to start being a contributor. You don’t have to be the expert to be a difference in someone’s life. Just start sharing your journey and your learning process, and trust me, that’s when you will start finding the most loyal followers.  

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how to show up as an expert online when you're not one
how to show up as an expert online when you're not one
how to show up as an expert online when you're not one
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