5 Mistakes You're Making on Instagram

what you are doing wrong on instagram

1. Noone including yourself knows what you're known for. 

When you try to market to everyone, you market to noone. Why? Because people don't know what you're about. They don't know if they should look to you for fashion or beauty or fitness or entrepreneurship advice. They don't know how to recommend you to others, or what you can exactly help them with. Your potential followers and customers don't follow you to see your random artistic photos or selfies, they follow you because you provide some sort of educational or entertaining or inspirational content. Always give people a reason to follow you, and you start with finding out what your niche is. 

2. You post like crazy this month and MIA the next.

There's one thing I realised on Instagram - the moment you ghost on the app after showing up consistently for a while, it punishes you with the algorithm. Your posts and stories hardly get seen by your followers anymore! Did anyone experience this before? Besides Instagram punishing you, it also affects how your followers (existing and potential) see you as a brand. How many times do you check a company's social media profile before deciding they're reliable and having the confidence to buy from them? Social media is proof you are serious in your branding and business. Give potential customers that confidence by appearing consistently on the app. 

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3. You aren't showing off your personality.  

Yes I know point 1 was on giving value in your posts, but in today's saturated market of everyone doing the same thing, the thing that will make you stand out is YOU. Don't hide behind your logo and stock photos. Show your face every once in a while if you don't have enough opportunities to do branding photoshoots. Even a selfie is better than nothing. Be a storyteller and tell your followers why you're doing what you're doing and who you are. People ultimately want to buy from people, not brands.  

4. You are posting and ghosting.  

I always believe what you give, you get back. If you are consistently posting on the app, putting out great hastags and doing all the things you're supposed to do but still not getting enough engagement, maybe it's because you aren't even engaging with others! Spend a bit of time every day to like, comment, follow and interact with people on stories. I see the fastest growth whenever I do this.  

5. You don't have a real strategy.  

A strategy will set in place when and what content to create, adjust your tactics according to real metrics and numbers, know when to launch the right time and what products your audience wants to buy from you. If you're just posting sometimes and going with the flow, you will take a long time to start seeing profits. Want to learn more on how to create a strategy on Instagram so you can turn leads to customers? I have a comprehensive course on how to grow your Instagram following and create your side hustle with Instagram here.

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instagram mistakes you are making on instagram
instagram mistakes you are making on instagram
instagram mistakes you are making on instagram

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