I hear you. You want more visibility, more leads, more sales.. 

 Hashtags is the no. 1 way to get more visibility but let's admit it, hashtags research takes hours, giving you less time for content creation and engagement with your ideal clients.

The Ultimate Hashtags Bundle is here to help you GET RESULTS & SAVE TIME !

The Ultimate Hashtags Bundle includes Hashtags Masterclass Video & Hashtags Library to help you conquer hashtags and explode your reach. Get lifetime access to these resources and start trending with high-quality hashtags instantly!

Since Instagram began, the algorithm has changed drastically. The one thing that didn't change... hashtags. 

But using generic hashtags like #love #blessed isn't helping you get seen by your right audience. I got this covered for you... 

I've spent hours and weeks to research these high quality hashtags that are not overly used so your posts have a higher chance of trending! This entire hashtags library contains 5000+ hashtags in 100+ niches and a training video to teach you how to conquer and optimise hashtags. Start getting FREE traffic to your Instagram page so you can start turning leads to customers now!!

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Ultimate Hashtags Bundle

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This is who the Ultimate Hashtags Bundle is for:

  • You put out amazing content but they're not being seen by enough people. 
  • You know what hashtags are but don't exactly know how to harness the powers of hashtags to maximise reach.
  • You reuse the same hashtags over and over again and don't see any increase in the number of views.
  • Researching for specific high-quality hashtags for your niche is taking too much time and effort and you're seriously burnt out by this whole Instagram marketing thing.
  •  You're not attracting the right audience to your profile and you don't know how to do so. 

What You Get:

Hashtags Masterclass 

Get lifetime access to this video and learn:

  • Mistakes you're making with hashtags on Instagram
  • The truth about how to rank for hashtags and increase organic traffic to your page
  • A hashtag strategy that will work for your account
  • How to find the right hashtags that will work for your account
  • How to increase engagement from your hashtags

VALUE = $127

Hashtags Library

A google sheet with

  • Hashtags that you can just copy and paste to your Instagram posts
  • Over 100 niches
  • 5000+ hashtags
  • High quality non-generic hashtags targeted to each niche that has taken me hours of research to put together
  • To be used hand in hand with what is taught in the Masterclass video so you can optimise your reach on Instagram
  • Hashtags will get updated to ensure relevancy to your niche as the algorithm changes!

 VALUE = $497



what hashtags to use on instagram

Look how my Ultimate Hashtags Bundle helped one of my clients get a 128x increase in hashtags reach just by using the right hashtags!!


How do I access the Ultimate Hashtags Bundle? 

After your purchase, you will automatically receive an email containing the link to access the pre-recorded Masterclass video and google sheet of Hashtags Library.

How long do I have access to these materials?

How does forever sound? You get lifetime access so you can go through the video at your own pace, as many times as you wish! The Hashtag Library is a google sheet which you can access any time you like. 

What niches are included in the Hashtags Library? 

There are 100+ niches in the library including fashion, beauty, fitness. health, wellness, cooking, creative entrepreneurship, real estate, wedding, mom bloggers, parenthood, boutiques, virtual assistant, small businesses, beauty business,spirituality and the list goes on. Want to check if your niche is included in the Library? Ask me at hello@hersocialspace.com 

Is the Ultimate Hashtags Bundle guaranteed to get me more likes and followers on Instagram?

If you follow the Hashtag rules and optimisation strategies in the Masterclass video and use it with the Hashtags Library, you should see an increase in impressions and reach (meaning an increase in traffic to your Instagram page!), and this increases opportunity for more likes and follows. However if your audience is not able to relate to your content or if your content is just not good enough, the increase in reach and impressions is not going to help you in any way. To create engaging share-worthy content, I highly recommend that you use The Instagram Content Formula hand in hand with the hashtags in the Library.

What if the hashtags in the Hashtags Library get outdated and don't work for me in future?

Yes, I get it...the Instagram algorithm changes like the weather so to make sure the hashtags are relevant, I'll be sure to update the library when needed. 

Do you do refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds of any sort. However I want to make sure this product is a right fit for you. Please message me at hello@hersocialspace.com if you want to clarify any queries about this product before purchasing.