5 Types of Instagram Posts That Skyrocketed My Engagement

5 Types of Instagram Posts That Skyrocketed My Engagement

Engagement has been at an all-time low. Agree? 

That's because Instagram has been deleting bots and fake followers to ensure this app stays authentic and drive only organic traffic to your page. Or maybe it's because the way people have been using Instagram is changing.. we don't give out likes as easily as before and we are so overwhelmed by the huge amount of information that we don't engage with accounts that don't really relate to us. 

Here are some types of posts that I've tried out myself and found huge boosts in engagement...

1. Before & After People love a good before and after video or photo post! This can be used for any kind of category - example style transformation, makeup tutorial, hair makeover, weight loss transformation.  

2. Personal story Remember how I mentioned that people are using Instagram differently now? We want to connect with other humans, we want to know their story. Connect with your followers by telling them a setback you had and how you overcame it. Tell them how you got interested in cooking/ how you became self-confident / your pregnancy journey,whatever niche you're in, you can make it personal!

3. How-to videos How-to videos are step-by-step videos that aim to educate your followers about a topic you are the expert in! Show them how you style your hair, or how you search for keywords for SEO ranking for your blog, or how you bake a cheesecake! Don't overcomplicate it. Content on Instagram needs to be delivered concisely and quickly - a simple one minute video showing the steps is good enough.

4. Q&A Answer your frequently asked questions in the caption or in a video post! If you haven't got any questions yet, ask your audience on IG story with the Questions feature what are they dying to know about (your niche). 

5. Lists In this consumerism era that feeds us tons of information daily, we like it if our content is concise and compact. Lists are a great way to categorise and jam pack information for our followers. You can make lists for any niche! Top 5 ways to lose belly fat fast, top 5 ways to grow your Instagram account, 5 ways to make money as a travel influencer... you will be guaranteed lots of Saves for this kind of posts! 

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🌈3 SIMPLE TIPS TO GROW YOUR ‘GRAM🌈.... With a billion users on Instagram, growing your account sounds tough but here are 3 simple things you can do to level up ⚡️your insta-game: 1️⃣ SWITCHING TO A BIZ / CREATOR ACCOUNT: Have you switched to a BUSINESS or CREATOR ACCOUNT yet? You can get tons of valuable insights📈 of your IG page this way so you can see which of your content performs the best/ worst. Get insights to your most viewed/ saved/ liked content, find out what date and time is the best time to post, and understand your followers demographics. Use this data to know who your audience is and deliver content to what they need and not just what you feel like posting😌. It also helps you ensure that your posts will be optimised to get maximum views. 2️⃣USING THE RIGHT HASHTAGS I see so many profiles using the most generic hashtags #love #blessed #throwbackthursday😫 sorry babe, but there are MILLIONS of posts using these generic hashtags so your posts will basically never be seen in the TOP posts section. 🤦🏻‍♀️Use hashtags that have 10K-100K posts for a higher chance of being discovered. You are allowed 30 hashtags per post so fully optimise that! 3️⃣HIGHLIGHTS CURATION: Your highlights are probably the most underestimated treasure on your Instagram. When someone visits your page, you have about 10 seconds to impress them. Your story highlights give the person a quick overview on what your page is about and what value you are bringing to them 👩🏻‍💻 - also people are more likely to view stories than your actual feed. Yes you can have a 100 stories of your beloved pug in your DOGGIE 🐶 highlight but if you are a beautygrammer you also need highlights that align with your brand story. Some highlight ideas include FAQ/ About Me / Services You Provide / Tips & Hacks / Behind The Scenes. That’s it!!! Are you ready to implement these tips? Which tip are you going to try out first? Tell me in the comments below 👇🏼👇🏼 (Stole this photo idea from @camira.asrori 😂)

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how to create posts that your audience loves
how to create posts that your audience loves
how to create posts that your audience loves

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